A Contract In Less Than 2 Weeks!

Check out this recent staging of a vacant property that received a contract in less than two weeks! This is a good example of how just a little light staging can do the trick.

 living rm alt

We put some furniture in the living room and family room, giving the suggestion of a possible space plan and adding warmth.

Family Room after staging

We added color to an otherwise beige interior. And we allowed buyers to “size-up” their own furnishings based on our choices.

The homeowners loved what we did – they were able to see their property in a different way (phstaging way) and the new buyers were “over the moon.”


So, if you’re DIY staging and you have to move, consider leaving behind some furniture, or consider renting furniture. If you’re living in your house while selling – DEFINITELY get an objective opinion on your current décor or better yet, HIRE US!

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  1. Katia - Reply

    July 19, 2014 at 12:48 am

    Sellers have to keep in mind how much it costs to hold onto a house for mohnts and mohnts. Even if they don’t have a mortgage, they have a lot of capital tied up that could be earning money elsewhere, and on top of that taxes, utilities, etc.The only other lever one has to shorten time on the market is price, and dropping the price enough to make a difference in the end typically costs a lot more than staging.I think what staging does is preserve asking price and speeds up the sale.

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